Dungeon & Girls

Developer: iQubi Inc.
Publisher: Lunosoft Inc.
Format: Android
Price: Micro-transactions

First, let me say that Dungeon & Girls commits what I consider the most egregious sin of mobile gaming. It starts the game before you can enter into any settings or options, which keeps you from adjusting sound levels before play. This a sin because with the nature of mobile gaming you will most likely find yourself in a public setting and no one wants to hear your noise. Thankfully D&G doesn’t commit the second sin and actually allows you to adjust the game audio as well as allowing you to play other background audio. Personally I like to listen to audio books or podcasts while playing mobile games and a surprising number of mobile games do not allow for background audio.

Dungeon & Girls bills itself as a dungeon crawler deck building game. As you traverse the dungeon you use your deck of cards as both your movement tokens and as your actions. While in the dungeon you’ll see a bar along the left side of the screen broken into 5 meter increments with monster and box icons spread randomly throughout. If you stop your movement on one of these icons you either find a treasure chest or a battle respectively. At the top of the screen you have a display telling you how far you are from the end of the dungeon and the top left of the cards currently in your hand show you how far you can move by using that particular card. Defeating monsters and opening treasure chests can gain you loot which you can sell for gold or give to your partner to increase their affection towards you. The higher their affection, the more powerful they become. All very standard mechanics with no surprises from a competently made game.

Calling Dungeon & Girls a dungeon crawler is a stretch. There’s no exploration, no mapping, no constant back and forth, no getting lost. The dungeons are literally a straight line from beginning to end and a minimum of strategic foresight negates most of the risk of play. During the play-through above I was in almost zero danger and by the end of that first level I was defeating enemies with only a few attacks. Dungeon & Girls is an attractive game, but not a very challenging one. Most of the replay value will come from attempting to collect all of the partners and different loot and building affection with your partners. It’s free with a shallow learning curve and quick pick up and play style, so go ahead and give it a try for yourself.